COVID-19 Update

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented us all with changes to our daily lives and how we conduct business.  This is certainly a new and challenging time for the whole country.  We are confident that, we will beat this virus and get back to a more normal way of life soon.

We have just finalized our last order for supplies for this summer. All fishing equipment, non-perishable food, and fuel have all been purchased and are ready for your fishing vacation.

As we all try to work through this social distancing period, we are reminded that being in the outdoors is the ultimate social distancing.  There is no better time to go hiking, scouting new hunting areas, horn hunting, or fishing with kids or grandkids at a time like this.

We appreciate and value all our customers and clients and we hope that everyone is affected as little as possible by this pandemic.

Because of the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have extended the due date for your final payment until May 1, 2020.

We thank you for your continued business and friendship, we look forward to fishing with you in a few months.

Stay Safe and stay healthy!

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